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1year_and_a_day's Journal

A year and a day
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Hail and Welcome to One Year and a Day!

This community is a gathering place and safe haven for Pagans to come and share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and paths with one another.

The goal here is to learn. Questions, stories, observations, and bouncing ideas off of one another - are all welcome here. Most of all: Have fun! Learn Live Love Laugh!!

We do have a few rules. These exist so that we can all journey together in peace and with positive energy.

1. Be respectful. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. If you disagree with that opinion - which you have every right to - state your opinion in a respectful manner.

2. Be honest. Honesty....really is the best policy!

3. Attempt to keep all posts on-topic. The topic is: Paganism. That is a very broad topic - so we should have lots of diverse posts!

4. Shared joy is increased. Shared pain is lessened.

So yes - do come in. Have a seat. Stay a while. We look forward to not only sharing our own paths with all of you but to starting a new path that all of us walk together.

Blessed Be!

~Your Maintainers